Posted by: Brian Glass | August 11, 2008

My Interview is Today

For the last two days I have been helping Shari “evaluate” the church here. Her formal interview is today.

Today is also my day of reckoning. I’ll be heading downtown Denver in a short while for my interview. I’ll feel somewhat luck a duck out of water because I’ll be wearing a suit and tie. I haven’t worn one of those for years.

Parker is unique. It feels quite well developed, but there are vast swaths of land that are just empty grasslands. We drove through one fairly nice neighborhood and noticed that just next door to the subdivision was a field with cows grazing in it. In a way that’s not too different than our current Loch Erin home, but the difference is that just a block or two down are fancy restaurants and shopping centers. You can drive miles in any direction and there is more of that same feel. It is a growing area so my guess is most of those empty areas will fill in over time.

The further west you go, the better the view of the mountains (duh). But just 5 miles toward the west makes a huge difference in view. Parker is a nice area, but I think we might like to settle a few miles westward. The other benefit is that we would be closer to the I-25 corridor and the rail system that I might be taking into downtown Denver.


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