Posted by: Shari Glass | August 11, 2008

The Weekend

Wow!!!  This has been a crazy, busy weekend.  Starting with the two hour time change, and a husband who doesn’t have the gift of sleeping late (like I do) to adjust to the time, nor the gift of staying quiet and still after he wakes up, to the multitude of new restaurants I’ve eaten at, to the people I’ve met, to the people I’ve even starting building relationships with but can’t seem to quite remember their names!!!

Southeast Christian Church is a lot like Crossroads with close to 4000 people on a weekend.  Everyone we met was very friendly and very welcoming.  It was a tough weekend for the staff, especially family ministries staff due to having to let go of a staff member, but despite it all they still treated us very kindly and warmly.  I like the fact that SECC doesn’t seem, to me, like a perfect church.  By that I mean I wasn’t overwhelmed thinking that this was the perfect place – sort of like how you feel when you go to a conference at Willow or North Point (even though you know they aren’t perfect).  They were very honest and authentic.

Sat. when we first got to our hotel from the airport we were met by Phil, the associate pastor, to fill (no pun intended) us in on what was happening in their staff family this weekend.  We were also met with a great gift basket filled with goodies (more food that I’m eating that I shouldn’t be) and some information on Southeast, Parker, and the area.

Then we met with Chris, the family pastor, (who’s taller than me – I keep thinking that all these guys are short), the two gals who work part time in Journeys (elementary program) and a couple key volunteers.  I got to ask them lots of questions.  Maybe they, all weekend, learned about me through my questions, because they never really did get the  chance to ask me questions.  Sat afternoon we got to observe Journeys in operation, and then went to dinner with Todd, the lead pastor, and his wife and Phil and his wife.

Sunday it was up and at ’em again at church.  I observed a bit of another kids experience plus got another chance to talk with Chris and Julie (one of the Journeys staff)  Then Brian and I went to service TOGETHER 🙂 in adult service.  That was a new experience 😉  Then to lunch ( I think they like to eat around here) with Chris and his wife, his assistant and her husband and Julie and Susan (the Journeys’ staff).  Then we went back to our hotel and I agonized and agonized and then wrote and wrote my “report” while Brian slept.

We took a little time in the evening to drive around.  They have something around here with 3 car garages.  It’s amazing.  And the houses are BIG  and $$$$.  I told Brian we needed to find the “poor” side of town.  And of course we went out to eat AGAIN.

Today was the most nerve wracking, but really didn’t need to be, as always.  I presented my observations and recommendations to the lead team (sort of like our VP team), they asked a few questions, but seemed pretty impressed with what I had seen in that short amount of time, and of how much it was the same questions and things they saw.

After that I made the same presentation to the Journeys team, plus Chris (who was in on the first one too) and his assistant.  While I felt more comfortable with these ladies I also felt more nervous after I began, because I was critiquing their stuff.  For lunch the entire Family ministries staff went out and I got to chat with a few other staff, but we sat at a long table and I don’t even know how many of us there were…probably 12 – 15.

Then back to the church for my official interview, which just ended up being Tracey, the HR lady, and myself.  Either Chris had heard and seen enough of me or he didn’t want to hear or see any more of me 🙂  Actually I think he got pulled into another meeting.  And the things Tracey asked me were things I had in my early report (which he heard twice) or things we had talked about.

And now I’m back at my motel room, boring you with all these details.  But trust me…that WAS the short version 🙂  Brian probably won’t be back until close to 7pm tonight, so now I get to relax while he has to work.  My plane leaves tomorrow around 11am, so I’ll be headed to the airport in the AM!

THANKS so much to all of you for your prayers and thoughts this weekend.  And we’ll definitely appreciate those continuing as things move forward or backward.  I would say I’ve got a pretty good shot of being asked to fill this position.  But what I decided this morning when I was nervous about giving my presentation was that this was what I had to bring to the table.  If it’s what they want, great, if it’s not, the God has something even bigger and better planned for us (or at least me).



  1. You know we’ll keep praying for you and Brian as things unfold. The church sounds exciting and vibrant and healthy. As far as the “poor” side of Parker…I don’t think it exists. But I’m sure God will provide the perfect place for you guys (preferibly one with a mountain view).

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