Posted by: Shari Glass | August 16, 2008

15 things I learned on my 15 miles (last night)

I opted to run my 15 miles Friday night instead of Sat. AM so that Brian and I wouldn’t be spending the whole day running.  Temps weren’t bad, so I thought it should be a decent run.

Here’s what I learned:

1. People who run marathons are idiots

2. I’m not sure I’m an idiot

3. Just because you have a plan all mapped out, doesn’t mean reality follows that plan.

4. Just because a plan looks good doesn’t mean that’s the way you are suppose to go.

5. When the plan falls through you initially run back and forth trying to figure out which way to go until

6. You finally engage your brain and make alternate plans.

7.  Sometimes it’s OK to slow down and walk

8. When things get tough and you can’t breathe you have to trust God and wait for his peace.

9.  Sometimes you don’t have a choice but to slow down and walk

10. Just when your desperate enough to drink from a strangers sprinkler system because you’ve used up all your water, someone comes along with a cool drink of water and a word of encouragement.

11. One word of encouragement is good…constant checking ons is annoying.

12. God’s plan is bigger than my plan

13. and He will help you to keep going until you finish.

14. And once you finish He’ll even send someone along to take you the rest of the way.

15. I’m still not sure I’m an idiot 🙂

All this to say…

at 1.5 miles into my 15 mile run, I too got the phone call I’d been waiting for all week long.  Caller ID starts going (yeah, my phone talks) “call from 303…. ” and I instantly know where the call’s coming from.  However if you’ve read Brian’s post from last night…mine has a different ending.  Mine was “we’ve decided to continue our search.” o.k. thanks.  “No one had anything negative to say about you, it just didn’t seem like quite the right fit.” o.k. thanks for your time.

Once Brian got his call it was much easier to tell him and our small group about mine.  (I hadn’t told anyone yet.)  And I’m OK with it.  It just means that God has bigger and better plans for me and now I get to see what they are!  Now, read through the 15 things I learned and you might just see why I learned some of those things (except for the idiot parts – those are purely from the running experience!)  🙂


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