Posted by: Brian Glass | March 10, 2010

A Lego Ball Sorter


One of the subjects that is taught in a classical education is logic. Micah is not quite to the age where he will be taught formal logic, but we thought it would be good to start developing that type of thinking skill early. Being a programmer by trade, I figured that would be a great place to start. We tried a little Python at first, but Lego robotics seems to hold the attention better, so he got a set for Christmas.

The idea here is not really to teach Micah to program, but to teach him logical thought.  So while my tendency would have been to flash the ROM on the Mindstorms computer with NXC and write some real code, we elected to use the bundled NXT-G graphical programming system.

We found plans for A FAST NXT2.0 ball sorter and Micah set to work. Micah built the entire structure himself from the excellently constructed plans. That took him about a week. We spent several hours last Sunday writing the program.

We hired a professional videographer to come in and shoot the video for us. Her name was Hannah.


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