Posted by: Shari Glass | March 10, 2010

It’s not about me

“It’s not about you.”  The first line in Rick Warren’s best seller The Purpose Driven Life has been one of the sentences that has affected my thoughts about church over the last 7 or so years.  Of course I’ve personalized it and in my head it’s become “It’s not about me.”  Much of what I planned, did, and was a part of (especially as a Children’s Ministry Director) was put through that lens.  Church wasn’t about me… it was about those who didn’t know Christ.

Little did I know how thoroughly that sentence would carry over into Orthodoxy.  Worship services in the Orthodox Church are not about you or me.  They are not about what I get out of them, or how they make me feel.  They are ONLY about God.  They are pure, delightful WORSHIP to God.  As my mind opened up to being receptive to what Orthodoxy was all about, one of the first thoughts I had was “This is how worship will be in Heaven!”  Orthodox worship is all about God.  We salute God, we bow down to God, we praise His Name in many ways, we stand humbly before Him, we are in communion with God.  It’s really pretty amazing.  An Orthodox service makes worship as I’d previously known it pale in comparison.

I still believe with my whole heart that one of the Church’s jobs is to bring people who don’t know Christ into communion with Him.  And while I don’t know, yet, how that all plays out in Orthodoxy, I’m going to guess that the main way it happens is the same way it’s happened at every other church I’ve been a part of…through personal relationships.

But Church service…It’s not about you and it’s not about me.  It’s about coming to the throne of God and truly worshiping Him.


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