Posted by: Shari Glass | March 16, 2010

One of those days

It’s been one of those days when you wonder if homeschooling is really worth it…  I ask myself, “Wouldn’t it be easier to bundle the big kids off to school and just have to take care of the baby?”  We got up this morning to a house that didn’t manage to straighten itself up this weekend.   One could hardly make it to the schoolroom, let alone FIND something on either of the kids’ shelves.  Micah starts the day off complaining about doing Latin, and Hannah’s complaining about doing chores.  A theme (the complaining) that was bound to follow us through the rest of the day.  I only had half my plans done for the week, and a baby who won’t let me keep a pen in my hand, or do much more than move the mouse around the computer screen… (and after a week of taking lovely 2 hour naps in the AM, only managed about 1 hour this morning).

So, we take the morning off from school, and clean up, sort, and organize.  I was actually able to vacuum the schoolroom floor – which doesn’t appear (the floor) very often!  We even got some basic schoolwork in (Math, Grammar, Reading).  I was going to give them the afternoon off, but since the complaining and annoying of each other continued, I figured they might as well do something useful.

Sure, I know homeschooling is worth it.  There are great benefits, and I wouldn’t change it.  But there sure are days….


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