Posted by: Shari Glass | April 11, 2010

Crazy Last Two Weeks

We have had a crazy past two weeks.  I’m looking forward to the next two weeks being routine and “normal” (ha ha).  Both weeks were great in different ways, but didn’t leave much time for breathing much less reading or blogging, or (much to my kids’ excitement) regular schooling.  By the end of last week I was beginning to feel like I was unschooling (a completely different approach to our regular quasi-classical program).

The first week was Holy Week.  We had church every night and then twice a day starting on Thurs. – Sat.  Celebrating Easter in an Orthodox Church was a much more meaningful experience than I’ve ever had before, deep with history, tradition and meaning.  We also did our Tigertail Beach field trip that week.

The second week (last week) on Monday we went to Ding Darling and Sanibel, which took up the whole day (see previous post), Tuesday I spent half the day outside digging up the ground in our front yard to make a garden bed, plus we had Micah’s violin lesson.  Wednesday we got to see an awesome violin duo, called the Dueling Fiddlers.  The were gracious enough to have a last minute performance for our homeschooling group (look for a post about them later with video from Hannah).  Thursday we had our co-op and our friends, the Dauns’ arrived for the weekend.  Friday we went on a “cruise” of Naples Bay with the homeschooling group and our friends, and in the afternoon we went to, (new bird we saw this week was the swallow tailed kite – but we’ve had one of those flying over our house recently too) not to mention it was Micah’s b-day.  Sat. we headed out to Lovers’ Key State Park to hunt shells and see the sunset (it was cloudy so not too much sunset).

This week I’m not planning on going anywhere out of the ordinary, even though all of our field trips were incredible, and we miss not going to church a couple times a week (we really do!).  We’ll see if two weeks of normalcy really is in store for this family or not!


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