Posted by: Shari Glass | April 11, 2010

Things you never thought you’d say

11:3o AM Monday morning

Micah:  Mommy, I’m hungry.

Me:  That’s because you didn’t eat your garlic pancakes.

….oh  boy….

The story:  Brian made pancakes for breakfast, regular, normal (for our family) pancakes.  The kids’ and mine even had chocolate chips in them.  However on first bite something was dreadfully wrong.  The nice, should have been sweet, pancakes had the definite taste of strong garlic.  We’re not sure why.  Was it something in the barley or oats?  In the blender?  On the frying pan or spatula?  Hannah suggested we send a pancake to a scientist to figure it out.  All of us, except Micah, managed to eat one or two.  Some actually weren’t as bad as others… but poor Micah only ate mango for breakfast.  Hence my comment that in the spur of the moment was made in all seriousness, until I realized what I had said!  (In my defense, I would have given him something else for breakfast, but he didn’t ask for anything else.)

These are the things you never thought you’d say….


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