Posted by: Brian Glass | April 15, 2010

Video with Hannah

Hannah is a girl who for a long time didn’t really like to do much of anything other than “play.” That’s why we were thrilled when she began to take an interest in birds, photography, and cinematography.

I spend a fair amount of time with Micah doing Latin every day and occasional programming projects with his Mindstorms set, but I didn’t really have anything activities to do with Hannah. That’s why this whole video thing has worked out really well for us.

We got Hannah a small point and shoot camera that also takes video for Christmas. Every time we go to Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Lover’s Key, or whatever other field trip they go on she takes a whole mess of video. Then when she brings it home she asks to sit down with me and make it into a video. She helps pick out the snippets to include and the music that goes along with it. We haven’t quite got to the stage where she edits it herself yet. She is still observing, but we work together.

I knew she was getting a little more serious the other day when she brought me $35 of her own money to upgrade to a 16GB SD card.

I tend to want to find the most full-featured software available for any task, but for this job I looked for a simple and easy to use package. I discovered OpenShot. It works very well for the task at hand.


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