Posted by: Shari Glass | April 17, 2010

Baby firsts this week

This past week Sarah had several “baby firsts”.   She finally cut her first tooth at 7 1/2 months.  Tuesday night I felt the teeniest, tiniest little sharp spot.  Poor kid got her mouth poked and prodded, and squished and squashed, all so we could get a glimpse of a bit of white.  Still haven’t seen it very well.  Sarah did seem to be not quite so clinging to me the next day or two.  With several other good lumps in her mouth we think it won’t be long before some more pop up.

She had her first experience in a swimming pool this week too.  She liked splashing in the water and sitting/standing on the first two steps of the pool.  She especially liked seeing her big sister swim under the water and then pop back up again.  She thought her big sister looked pretty silly with those goggles on.

While not quite a first, Sarah is becoming, or sometimes just wanting to become, more mobile every day.  She’s not quite crawling yet, but does quite well slithering a foot or so on her tummy.  She’s also started trying to get down when I hold her.  Of course if I put her down she gets mad because she can’t go anywhere.  She is however, very proud of herself whenever she can stand while holding on to something.

At 7 1/2 months she’s over 20 lbs and is fitting into 12 mo clothes quite nicely.  In a week she’ll get her first trip to Disney World!


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