Posted by: Shari Glass | April 17, 2010

Gone to the birds

Photo by Hannah

We have officially gone to the birds at our house.  We are now the proud owners of two bird feeders (well, technically, they’re Hannah’s).  We have a humming bird feeder and a regular bird feeder.  The regular bird feeder has attracted several birds since we put it up yesterday.  We’ve had a pair of cardinals, a blue jay, several mocking birds, and a red-bellied woodpecker.  Nothing so far at the hummingbird feeder.

Not sure how the birds have much chance to eat.  Every time one comes around the kids run for their cameras and go outside to get pictures.  Of course this venture hasn’t been very successful because they scare the birds away!  Hannah had done an admirable job of sitting quietly, waiting and watching for them to come.  Several times today she’s taken a camp chair outside to watch them.  She, however, had not had the best of luck with that either.  Every time she goes out there, her brother, or the next door neighbor, or both go out to see what she’s doing.  Hannah also took out some leftover bread crumbs and orange slices.  Someone in her co-op science class said that orange slices attracted a certain kind of bird.  She wasn’t sure what type of bird it was, but our red-bellied woodpecker sure seems to like them.

Hannah “Can’t Wait” until the hummingbirds find the feeder.  We’ve explained that it may take them awhile to realize it’s there.  But this is coming from the kid who thought the two hours that we let the sugar water for the feeder cool was “forever” !

We have had a couple swallow tail kites flying over our house the past week.  We’ll try to post when we get new birds around our house.  I just hope the raccoons and squirrels don’t eat all the bird food!


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