Posted by: Shari Glass | May 12, 2010

Proud of My Family

I’m always proud of my family. They’re really a pretty good bunch 🙂  But tonight I was extra proud. Tonight we went to church to celebrate the Feast of the Ascension (when Christ ascended to Heaven) – the actual Feast Day is tomorrow.  During the service, there is one part called The Great Entrance. This is when the bread and wine used in communion is processed around the church. (This is done to continue the ancient tradition of bringing these items from another building.)  Hannah carried one of the two candles that lead the procession, and Brian brought up the rear with one of the icons.  Seeing them do this (and they’ve both done it before) warms my heart.

But the one who REALLY made me proud tonight was Micah. Ever since Pascha (Easter), he’s been training as an altar boy. Tonight, for the first time, he carried the censer (filled with incense) around in front of Father Joe and Father Hans.  (This is a job in our parish, filled with a lot of retirees and no other altar boys, typically done by an adult.)  He did an great job and I was so proud of him serving God and the Church in this way.  In addition to that he gave the priests the censer when they needed it throughout the service, and brought out the blessed bread (the part of the loaf of bread that wasn’t used for the Eucharist).

If you aren’t Orthodox, I probably just talked about a lot of stuff you don’t have a clue about, and if you are Orthodox, forgive anything I may have misnamed 🙂  Suffice it to say, I am very proud of my son, and the rest of my family, in the way they are honoring and worshiping God.  It’s an amazing thing to witness!



  1. Great stuff… Good luck for your family.

  2. I am not sure where to begin, your faith, your love for being Orthdox, your beatiful children, all make me smile. I am almost with tears to see Micah and Hannah during our church services. My brother was a altar boy all his young life, went to college to become a teacher, guess what? He went to St. Vladimirs Seminary in NY, and started his journey. First, a priest, he never did get married, so they ended up making him Bishop Thomas Joseph, of Oakland, Pa, and Charleston WV. Your Michah, is a God Sent to our church, and all of your family trully is. I have waited a long time for a wonderful (young!) family to come to our great church. Jerry is converted also, and I think all of our converted people, are so special, to join Orthdoxy. If there is anything I can do anytime for you both or your children, is it my honor to do it. Jerry loved being in the altar with Micah.

  3. Micah did a great job too!

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