Posted by: Shari Glass | May 13, 2010

The Lost art of Cursive Handwriting

Cursive Handwriting is becoming a lost art.  Who writes in cursive anyway, except for 3rd graders and grandmothers?  I’ve even heard of schools that aren’t teaching cursive writing anymore.  I myself do not typically write in cursive, except when I’m signing my name, and even that only if it’s official.  Matter of fact I remember rebelling against cursive quite strongly in elementary school…and that was a LONG time ago!

Now I’m teaching my kids to write in cursive.  There has been some complaining.  Given the choice, my 5th grade son, will choose print.  (2nd grade daughter’s just learning it).  However, I have recently decided that cursive is a good thing and I’m making Micah use it more and more.  His printing is abominable!  I can’t read his writing.  If I corrected his spelling tests on what I THOUGHT a letter was, instead of what he “says” it is, he’d get most words wrong.  BUT…when I make him write in cursive, it’s like an entirely different person is writing.  It’s neat, it’s done carefully, and most of all it’s Legible!

Given my own leanings away from cursive…I’ve always hated to enforce it on my kids.  I’ve sort of considered it unnecessary, slow, and obsolete.  I’m now rethinking my position.  I can see many more things done in cursive in my children’s future!


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