Posted by: Shari Glass | June 22, 2010

A year in review

by Shari

Yesterday (6/21) was my birthday.  I turned 39.  I’m really not that big on the numbers, except to briefly think “when did mine ever get to be so high?”  Or when my father reminds me next year will be the big “4-0” (which I promptly turn on him, since his will be the big “7-0”).  But other than that it’s just something to acknowledge and then move on.  I’m good at that…the moving on.  However, not so long ago, I use to have people in my life who would encourage me to reflect on the past events.  So, this seemed like a rather good time to reflect, and as I’m getting in trouble from the “blogging boss” for not blogging again, this seemed like a good place to do it.

I’m thankful that this last year has seen less change in our lives that the previous year! (That one having included living in 3 different states, running a marathon, going from working mom to homeschooling mom, two new jobs within 6 months for Brian, living in a small basement and then an even smaller camper, being pregnant, etc.)

This year (defined as my 38th year) we moved out of that tiny trailer and into a house the first week in August – HOORAY!  Baby Sarah joined our family on August 30th.  (August was a busy month.)  Two very good events.  We settled into our second year of homeschooling,  changing to a quasi-classical method, using the Well-Trained mind as our guide.  Another big mind shift as a result of that decision was going from homeschooling from year to year, evaluating each year if we would continue, to pretty much planning to homeschool through highschool.   (Do that math and you’ll realize that’s about an 18 year commitment when you have a 9 month old in the mix.)  In November, almost exactly a year from when Brian heard he was probably going to loose his job at the Rocky Mountain News in Denver (due to the whole paper shutting down), he was given a strong hint that his resume ought to be up to date, as things at the Naples News were getting tight.  We are amazingly thankful that he found a new job almost instantly, and one where he can work out of our house.  January finally saw a drop in the 90 degree temps we’d had since the previous May and we enjoyed the unseasonably cold of 50s and 60s here in Southwest FL for a couple months.  We discovered bird watching, and Lover’s Key, Corkscrew Swamp, and other places that made SW FL not too bad (before the 90s came back).    Through divine intervention,  (because it wasn’t what I intended – believe me!) God led me to the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church, and a continually deepening relationship with Him.

Looking at all those things, I would have to say this has been a pretty good year.  I didn’t quite expect that when I started writing tonight.  After all, we are still stuck in Florida for the unforeseeable future.  It’s been 90+ here since May 1.  My heart still yearns and mourns (probably too frequently) for Colorado and my mountains.  But, no matter what comes I know that God is in control and has a plan.  There are reasons He brought us to Florida, and there will be reasons He moves us or keeps us here.  (But I can always hope that a reason for Colorado comes sooner than later!)

This next year, my 39th year, I’m sure will prove interesting.  We are tweaking our homeschooling philosophy again, more “old” classical than neo-classical.  There’s so much to learn and discover about a life in Christ through Orthodoxy.  My original baby will officially be a middle schooler (6th grade). My longest time baby (she was for 7 1/2 years) is growing up into a young lady, and my littlest baby will soon be walking, turning 1, and generally turning our household on its ear!  Thus we continue to wait and see what (and where) God has in store for us in this adventure He leads us on.


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