Posted by: Shari Glass | July 18, 2010

Chicken Mummy Day 3

by Shari, July 18

So, we were not suppose to have to do anything with the chicken today.  We were SUPPOSE to be able to go 2 days now without changing her salts.  Such was not to be.  Wet chicken mummy salt = chicken mummy needs new salt.  So out she came, maybe looking a tad bit more wrinkly, and in went my last big box of salt.  Tomorrow I think I’ll head to Sam’s in hunt of a large amount of salt.

I’m awfully glad I didn’t take up mummification as my profession.  I’m beginning to have doubts as to whether or not we will be successful chicken mummiers.  But alas, only day 3 of 6 weeks…only time will tell.


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