Posted by: Shari Glass | July 19, 2010

Lawnmower ramblings

by Shari

Noon on Saturday and I’m out pushing (yeah, we still use a push mower) the lawn mower, mowing the side of our house.  Noon in Florida in July is not the most enjoyable time of day to be out, but that’s how it goes sometimes.   I walk past our next door neighbor who’s riding his mower up and down his side.  I smile and wave.  I wonder if he’s thinking why in the world is she out mowing the lawn and not her husband?  Maybe it doesn’t even cross his mind.

I’m mowing and not Brian for several reasons.  One is the fact that it IS now noon and Mr. Red Head doesn’t do so well out in the sun at this time.  Two is the fact that he’s already been outside longer than I have since I was in with the baby part of the time.  And third and MOST important is that I’ve traded with him.  He watches the baby while I mow!  I rather enjoy the change.

(When I get back inside Brian wonders how I get anything done during the day, because all he’s managed to do while I’ve been mowing is watch the baby…nothing else.  I say that’s my point exactly!!!)

Earlier that morning Micah mowed most of the front yard.  He made his father proud a couple months ago by deciding that he was big enough to do some mowing.  His assigned task is the front yard, not too big since our house happens to be the closest to the road on our street. When he was almost done (which was much longer than it should have been because he kept taking breaks because he was sweaty – umm that’s sort of unavoidable) the lawnmower starts making a horrible noise.  Brian, who can fix any computer, but isn’t too good with mechanical things, proclaims the mower is probably done for.  At least as far as our collective talents go.  He tinkers with it for a while and but doesn’t find a problem.  We all stop for breakfast, because we really had been TRYING to get our yard work done before noon.  Brian blesses our food and I add a blessing for the lawnmower.

Over breakfast we dream about a riding mower, which was not in our budget, ponder the quality of push mower we ought to get, and wonder if there might be a resale store for lawnmowers somewhere in Naples.  Brian goes back out to have one last look at the mower.  He’s back in shortly for a hammer (which doesn’t sound at all promising for the poor mower).  He thinks perhaps the blade is hitting on something.  And indeed that is the problem.  A few minutes and some well placed hits later, the lawnmower is up and running.

Hence the other reason I am mowing at noon, in July, in Florida.

Throughout our ponderings during breakfast, I had a feeling God would take care of our lawnmower problem.  And He did!  God even blesses lawn mowers.


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