Posted by: Shari Glass | July 28, 2010

Chicken Mummy Day 6 and Day 12

Day 6

Day 6

Day 12

Day 12 - Don't you wish you could give it a bath?

Day 12 - Don't you wish you could give it a bath?

Our chicken mummy has lost a bit of its excitement, but we are (or at least I am) still persevering.  We made it from Day 3 to Day 6 before we changed the “salts” again.  Truth be told it probably should have been done again on Day 5…but that is the way things go around here.

I was asked at church this week if it was smelly.  While double ziplocked in bags and under all the salt it doesn’t.  However when you take it out there is an odor.  Not really a rotting odor…but you can still smell the rubbing alcohol that it was last washed in, along with a unique odor.  Not bad, but not entirely pleasant either!

I haven’t made it to Sam’s to look for salt yet (we live in the boondocks and Wal-mart’s 20 min. away; Sam’s is another 10 past that).  But I did discover $0.38 cylinders of salt at Wal-mart.  Problem was, apparently everyone else had discovered them to because there were only 6 containers left.  We originally used the larger boxes of pickling salt.  The table salt is finer and it seems like it takes more of it to cover the bird.

We stretched the next change from Day 6 all the way to Day 12.  Again, it probably should have happened on Day 10.  Some of the salt was starting to look wet by then.  By Day 12 it was all wet.  Every time I take that bird out and dump it’s current salt I have this great urge to wash it off, which would probably NOT be helpful since the whole point is to dry it out.  So I continue to resist the urge to clean the thing up a bit and limit myself to shaking and scraping off as much salt as I can.  (I have this horrible vision of a leg or wing popping off as I’m doing this one day!)

Living in Florida makes one think about bugs more often than some other states, at least the ones I’ve lived in.  Yesterday it dawned on me that these lovely bugs would like nothing better than to get at our mummy.   I decided I was immensely glad that no bugs had made it through the two ziplock bags.  Not that they would…but it was one of those thoughts one thinks as one is shaking salt off a dehydrating chicken carcass.  (And we don’t really have a lot of bugs in our house.  Our Bug Maintenance people – we don’t have exterminators down here because the act of exterminating is apparently impossible – do a great job.)

Technically we should be at the “check once a week”  stage of our chicken in salts.  About 4 more weeks to go.   We’ll see how THAT works out.

I was having trouble getting the lighting right with our camera and yesterday (Day 12) I discovered the perfect setting…the FOOD setting 🙂


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