Posted by: Shari Glass | August 13, 2010

There’s a Lizard in the House!

The lizard in our house

By Micah

Today, when I was doing Latin with Dad, Hannah suddenly exclaimed, “There’s a lizard in the house!”

So I told Dad  I needed to pause Latin to go and get the lizard out of the house.  I went over to catch it, but it kept going behind stuff.  The worst part was getting it out from behind the cat litter box.  That was disgusting!  Then, when it went under a bag, I slammed my hand down and caught it.

Hannah and Dad took about 20,000 pictures before i could let it go.  Dad said that it was some sort of amphibian, but I’m pretty sure it was a skink or some other type of lizard.  It was black with yellowish-orange stripes and a blue tail.  It felt very smooth.



  1. Micah, here’s how I catch them when they get in my house. I take a large plastic up, sneak up behind the lizard, and then at the last second shoot the cup over them. You have to be fast.

    Then I take a piece of paper and slide it between the cup and the floor (or wall). You only lift up the cup a little bit so the lizard can’t escape.

    Then I carefully lift up the up hold the paper tight to it and take it outside to release the lizard.

    It works every time. Mostly they are those little Gecko type things you see running around outside all the time.

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