Posted by: Brian Glass | September 19, 2010

Read Aloud

We have been having an evening family read-aloud time for quite some time. On various occasions we have read from the Bible, stories of the lives of saints, Greek mythology, and others. Most recently to supplement an area of school we don’t really emphasize we have begun focusing on American history.

We started out with The Voyage of St. Brendan taken from Brendaniana by Denis O’Donoghue which we read on my son’s Barnes & Noble Nook. We skipped ahead to The Voyages of Columbus by Armstrong Sperry which we acquired used from (an excellent site for homeschoolers). Tonight we finished Leif the Lucky by Ingri D’aulaire which we acquired from the library. The next book on my list is The Young Folks Book of American Explorers (which we will read on the Nook).

I have added a sidebar widget for our current read-aloud books and linked it to my account.

UPDATE (9/22/2010): We tried The Young Folks Book of American Explorers and it did not work out very well as a read-aloud. I have instead started reading America’s story for America’s children, Volume 2, which reads nicely and seems a very good introduction to American History. Volume 1 is merely a collection of simple stories for early readers so we skipped ahead to volume 2.



  1. Dear Glass Family,

    I bumped into Brian’s cooking blog many years ago and used to look back to see if he had tries out any new baking a la Nourishing Traditions. Little did I suspect that we had more in common than a cook book!!

    I too am a traditional sort of Catholic. I attend the Latin Mass in a nearby city. I also homeschool.

    I looked briefly at this blog a few times. I see you are attracted to a “classical” style of homeschooling. I recently found out about the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. I was wondering if you had looked into that and what you think of the courses offered. I found it a few days ago and cannot stop thinking of how wonderful it would be to cover arithmetic and other branches of Mathematics from their basic axioms and learn the theorems and their proofs in order.

    So if you have time. Please take a look and let me know what you think!!

    God Bless you,


  2. Maria,

    We are currently doing our own thing based on a variety of sources (Well-Trained Mind, Latin Centered Curriculum, Memoria Press, etc.). As we progress further into the curriculum and we as parents are unable to keep up, we may consider supplementing with online courses as well.

    I did take a look at the Classical Liberal Arts Academy a while back and it looks like a solid program. We would probably tend toward the Classical Learning Resource Center ( since it is Orthodox and we are Orthodox (a Catholic organization would be a close second choice). But also look at Memoria Press. They have a number of online and/or video courses available as well.

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