Posted by: Shari Glass | July 14, 2011

Westward Ho – update

Yes we are still alive and headed Westward! Just a quick update since It is after 11 current time and I need to get to bed but wanted to let you all know where we were! We have been without internet and usually without cell coverage most of the last week plus. We left KS last Wed. and spent a delightful but chilly 4 nights in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park in CO. Visited many of our favorite places in the park. Then we headed towards Denver and a motel for the night with a stop in Boulder to hike the Flat Irons. We left Denver and headed South the Great Sand Dunes National Park. I’ll admit this wasn’t my first choices of places to go, but the kids wanted to. I was Amazed. It is truly an Awesome place, and we only explored a tip of it. It contains the Dunes, but also high mountains (2 in the area are over 14,000 ft high), grasslands, and even wet lands. We hiked to the top of the 2nd tallest dune, 650 ft high, and visited a water fall that we had to hike back to via wading in a snow melt creek and then going into a little cave – but it was well worth it! That was a busy day, as one of my children locked my keys in the car first thing in the AM and our guardian angels in the form of the family camping next door helped us out by lending us their cell phone and AAA card (which I have but was in the car) and feeding us bagels and coffee for breakfast. They had just camped there for the night on a whim pretty much. Kids and I had just prayed we’d be able to get in and the dude came over. That was pretty Amazing in and of itself! We only spent 2 nights at the Dunes (we could have stayed longer!) and today we made our way South and West and are currently in Gallup, NM, just 16 miles from the Arizona border. Tomorrow we’ll make a detour through the Petrified Forest National Park and then on to the Grand Canyon. One week from tonight we’ll be sleeping in our new apartment in CA!
That’s the very briefest version! I’ll attempt to fill in more details from our adventures later!


  1. Yes, the Sand Dunes in the San Luis Valley are amazing… Lived down there a couple of years as a kid… Long before Andrews.

    So how is CA treating you two (& all)? Almost thought I was going to be stuck moving to CA recently.


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