Posted by: Shari Glass | May 27, 2015

4 Years Later….

Yes it really has been almost 4 years since either of us last posted on this.   I don’t think our lives have slowed down in the last 4 years either.  We spent a year (not quite for the kids and I) in California until Brian’s contract with Google ran out.  Decided we didn’t really want to raise our kids in the Bay Area, so headed back towards the Midwest, landing in KS.  While in KS we had a bit of deja vu from our first move to Denver when we found out we were expecting #4 and about a week later Brian found out the company he was working for was closing down his department.  Thankfully God provided him with yet another job, remote again, and circumstances came together to allow us to move back to Colorado, this time Colorado Springs.  #4, another beautiful baby girl arrived that February and we thought we might settle in for a while.  But such was not to be because God sent us a surprise #5 which we discovered when #4 was about 6 months old.  This time a sweet little boy arrived last June and it’s hard to believe that he’s almost 1 year now.  The good news is that we have been living in the same house in the same town for almost 3 years now (a record) and Brian is still working for the same company (another record).  We are still homeschooling.  We still have the one dog, and did acquire a cat in CA.  We are renting a lovely house, working to help establish a new Orthodox Mission church, kids are all playing music, and we are putting down at least a few roots.  HOWEVER, I don’t know if it’s caused by the frequent moving in so few years, or a bigger plan that we are still not aware of, but there’s a feeling that our journey isn’t over.  We may not be at the end of it yet.



  1. Hey, just got the idea to check and see if any of the Glass family blogs had been updated since a few years ago…. yup, found one.

    I’ve just started back to school – working on an AAS in computers or software/web development or some such. I’m sure Brian can come up with a way to tease a math-physics person about that.

    What with school, I won’t get on here much but feel free to email.


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